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Algarve - Costa de la Luz is one of the most beloved yachting destinations for Boat Charter. Because of Algarve - Costa de la Luz pleasant climate, picturesque coastlines, numerous harbours and bays, the region is proud of its long-lasting Boat Charter tradition. For many years Algarve - Costa de la Luz attracts many Boat Charter guests from all over the world. We will make the best to give you attractive Boat Charter offers in the region of Algarve - Costa de la Luz.

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The Algarve is a beautiful landscape of southern Portugal. Algarve, which has mild winters and hot, dry summers, are today dominant tourist region of Portugal. Along the coast there are ports of Lagos and Portimão, which forms the basis of an extensive fishery.

The Algarve is a region along Portugal's south coast, which from the 1100s formed a separate kingdom and the Portuguese kings had the title of King Afonso III of "Portugal and the Algarve".

It attracts tourists who are the clean beaches with its warm water, 18-19 degrees from June to July, Mediterranean climate and low living costs. The total length of the Algarve's coastline is about 155 km.

Faro is a city on the Atlantic coast of the Algarve, Portugal with 42 100 inhabitants. Faro has a significant tourism and international airport.

You will find our charterboats in the town below.

Algarve - Costa de la Luz - locations

  • Faro / Marina Vilamoura
  • Portimao
  • Lisbon / Cascais
  • Tróia
  • Lisbon / Oeiras
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