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Our superb charter yacht in Cres range consists a great selection of modern, spacious and comfortable Yacht Charter yachts, each with their own unique designs and features. Cres is one of the most popular Yacht Charter locations. Shortly, you will find here detailed information about Cres, its particular features and character. Please ask us for additional information on Yacht Charter in Cres by phone, email or send us your inquiry.

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Cres the second largest island in the Adriatic. Limestone and dolomite dominate, creating a contrasting littoral karst landscape of occasionally snow-clad peaks and lowland plateaux; gently sloping shorelines and steep cliffs; lush Mediterannean forest and sparse maquis. One feature that deserves a specific mention is Vransko lake. Sitting in the centre of the island, the lake is a natural reservoir fed by rainwater from surface and subterranean channels. The surface of the lake is above sea level, but its bottom is 74m below.

The island is rich in plant life. In the northern part, with cold, dry winds gusting south in winter, the flora is typically sub-Mediterannean with oak and sweet chestnut woods. In the south, which is protected by the hills, are evergreen coniferous forests. Everywhere there are wild herbs that give the local food its distinctive taste, wildflowers in the pastures and, as a reminder of the human influence, thousands of olive trees. Over ninety species of bird nest on the island. As well as eagles, falcons and owls, there is a dedicated ornithological reserve for the white-headed griffon vultures which nest, unusually, on rocks next to the sea.

Kvarner presents itself as the region of shores, highlands and islands directly to the east of Istria. Cres and Krk are the biggest islands in Kvarner Bay and visitors are attracted to the former in particular by the plants and animals, the indented coast, the sea and the solitude. There are places to bike, walk, climb, swim and sail.

We can offer the follow boats below in Cres.

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