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Our superb charter yacht in Skiathos range consists a great selection of modern, spacious and comfortable Boat Charter yachts, each with their own unique designs and features. Skiathos is one of the most popular Boat Charter locations. Shortly, you will find here detailed information about Skiathos, its particular features and character. Please ask us for additional information on Boat Charter in Skiathos by phone, email or send us your inquiry.

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Skiathos - a gently rolling wooded island, lies 2.5 nm east of the Peninsula of Magnesia and is the most westerly island of the Northern Sporades. It is also the most important island boasting the best ferries connections, a smallish airport and serves as the prime Sailing map of Skiathos and yacht charters
Next: Skopelos to the east. starting point for sailing holidays in the north Aegean since it is the only proper yacht charter base in the vicinity. With its equable climate and beautiful sandy bays it is a popular holiday destination, particularly favoured by Greeks. Skiathos' main source of income apart from the tourist trade is its 600,000 olive trees.
The chief place, and indeed the only town on the island, is Skiathos, on the south-east coast. Founded in 1830, it occupies the site of the ancient city, on two low hill ridges flanking a small sheltered bay.
The ruins of the islands' medieval capital, Kastro, are located along the west coast on an impregnable crag. The remaining stretches of town walls and the drawbridge can be visited by boat or over land by beautiful winding dirt roads. The lush and fertile inlands as well the monasteries are indeed the mostappealing part of Skiathos. They chose this island for the movie Mamma mia. This becouse of the nice island.

Sailing conditions/ weather

This area is well suited for the quiet and lovely family sailing. Here you can start from the island of Skiathos. From two starting points can be reached throughout the region, the distance is not more than 10-15 Nm between islands. Fine sandy beaches and wonderful anchorages bays you will find throughout the area.

Weather & wind - Sporades:

Sporades offer good sailing all season and is suitable for all sailors. During the summer, mainly Meltemi blows from the northwest but with slightly less wind power than in the Cyclades. During spring and autumn winds are typically from the southeast with a strength of 3-7 m / s. The distance between the islands is about 10-15 nanometers, which is common in the Mediterranean, so it usually blows during the day and subsided in the evening. In late July and in August it blows a bit more for about 5 - 10 days per month. It differs some between our different sailing areas. As a guide, we have made a compilation of such wind conditions / navigation from 1 to 5. (1 light 5 difficult). The severity can max be 10. Swedish sailors are normally accustomed sailors. Skill Level 5 is normally no problem for experienced Swedish sailors.


The National Airport of Skiathos receives many domestic flights from Athens, especially in summer. The flight time from Athens is about an hour. Many charter flights also land directly on the airport of Skiathos.
You can take a ferry from Athen if u fly to Athen airport.

There are buses and taxis to connect the airport with the rest of the island. The airport is situated just 3 km from Skiathos town.

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