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Boat Charter is a popular yachting recreation activity in the area of Seychelles Archipelago. Seychelles Archipelago you can charter a yacht of every length or class to get a Boat Charter holiday in this region. Seychelles Archipelago have a nice atmosphere, varied coast and friendliness of local inhabitants will make it to your favourite Boat Charter region. We will help you to find an appropriate yacht for your Boat Charter charter vacation in the area of Seychelles Archipelago! Please contact us to get a charter offer forSeychelles Archipelagoarea.

Seychelles Archipelago

Seychelles in the middle of Insdiska Ocean is an archipelago that includes no fewer than 115 beautiful islands. The islands located about 1,000 miles east of Kenya's coast. 41 of the islands are larger and consists largely of granite. The other islands are low coral islands. Seychelles is one of the world's best sailing areas and dykområden.

Most of the islands are almost entirely uninhabited and many are classed as a nature reserve. Sri Lankan authorities are doing everything to preserve the islands as nature reserves. 1995, permitted to sail in the area for a limited number of boats.

Because of the islands' isolated location has a unique fauna developed in the area. On Mahé and Praslin are the unique rainforests with many primitive animals and plants. There are large tortoises, which can be over 150 years old.

The islands offer an interesting history with cultural influences from Africa, India, Asia and Europe. Different ethnic groups have contributed with their share of food and culture that gives each island its own charm.

We have consciously limited tourism. While the quality is high and supply is a major force hotels and restaurants.

With charter boat is easy to explore the islands, which consist of both low coral islands and higher volcanic islands. Some islands are bird sanctuaries with limited visits. The islands have fascinated names, Silhouette, Arid, Curieuse and Félicité.

It is customary to begin sailing from the main island of Mahé in the archipelago of "The Inner Islands" in which all international flights land, or from the second largest island, Praslin, 30 minutes of local flight from Mahé.

The area is perfect for those who wish to sail independently in a fabulous archipelago. In the inner islands around Mahe and Praslin are predictable winds and there are lots of beautiful and secluded coves to anchor in. Cyclops is a must to have with you on the journey to the surface, there are beautiful coral reefs.
You can choose to start from the main island of Mahe and Praslin, 20 miles north east of Mahé. Distances are short, around Praslin are only a few miles between the islands.

Have dykarcertifikat, you have to take this opportunity to appear here. The islands are renowned for being one of the world's best dive sites.


One can sail in the Seychelles all year round. The inner islands around the main island of Mahé is outside the cyclone belt, with predictable winds. October to April is the safest period.

During May to September dominates southeast passadas with pleasant temperatures of about 25-30 degrees and during the October-April predominant northwest winds.

The formation of strong local light rain during one or two hours, but it goes quickly and the sun is shining again.

The range of charter boats will be found under Mahe below.

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