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Our superb charter yacht in Cala Galera range consists a great selection of modern, spacious and comfortable Boat Charter yachts, each with their own unique designs and features. Cala Galera is one of the most popular Boat Charter locations. Shortly, you will find here detailed information about Cala Galera, its particular features and character. Please ask us for additional information on Boat Charter in Cala Galera by phone, email or send us your inquiry.

Cala Calera

Cala Calera at the Tuscany coast is a nice marina. Outside you have the beautiful, deep-blue sea of Tuscany, there you have a good chance to see dolphins! The prestigious Marina of Tuscany are ideally located along the beautiful and unspoiled coast of the Argentario Peninsula, surrounded by a region with plenty of history and culture.

Elba and the seven sisters
The island of Elba, the largest of the seven sisters in the archipelago outside Cala Galera.

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Weather Italy

The weather is generally good - over the year there is an average of 300 days of sunshine, with rain during the remaining period; the largest concentration of rainy days occurs during the winter and autumn, with some sudden showers in springtime.
The average temperature in July is 24°C while in January it is 11°C; humidity is around 70% (annual average).
The island is swept by many winds - firstly by the mistral, a wind from the northwest, which is fresh and piercing in the winter, and during the summer months mitigates the heat, making the air drier and more breathable.

There are continuous (computerised voice) forcasts on VHF channel 68. These are first given in Italian, followed by an English transaltion. The forcast covers the next 12 hours wind direction and strength and also the sea state.

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