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For Boat Charter we cane offering a range of yachts from Castiglioncello. You can get more information about the yachts available for Boat Charter from Castiglioncello through our quick yacht search window, situated on the left side of this website. The port in Castiglioncello is already pre-selected for you and you just have to specify the number of persons and your desired Boat Charter date.

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Castiglioncello is located in the heart of Maremma, a land of ancient traditions with the traces of Etruscan, Roman and Medieval civilisation. Villages and small cities rich in history, culture and breath taking views are very close. Nature offers a variety of landscapes: a florid Mediterranean maquis and the background of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Castiglioncello offers a holiday of physical and mental relax, far from the frenetic lifestyle of the cities. It is possible to alternate sailing with other sports, such as golf, equestrianism, tennis and polo. There are various restaurants offering the best of the Tuscany cuisine and wine.

The marina of Castiglioncello offers all the services for sport sailors: modern and supported by highly professional staff. The marina has 895 berths, of which 90 for transit only. Every berth has water, electricity, and the following services:

With a few hours sailing from Castiglioncello you will reach the pearls of the Tuscany Archipelago. There are seven islands: Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Gorgona and Giannutri, enclosed in 60.000 hectares of sea. These seven pearls are today the National Park of the Tuscany Archipelago, created in order to preserve the natural heritage, the biodiversities of the islands and the sea surrounding them. The challenge is to develop a conscious tourism, which motivates itself in history, culture, environment and traditions of the Tuscany Archipelago.

Open-sea cruising: for a more sporty week, with longer sailing to taste in depth the feeling of the sea, we suggest a cruise with stops at Marciana Marina, Capraia harbour, Macinaggio or the bays of Finocchiarola and Santa Maria in north-east Corsica, Capo Corso. It is also possible to reach the gorgeous small harbour of Centuri and Saint-Florent, and then come back to Castiglioncello.

Having 2 weeks, the best cruise possible for the beauty of the landscape and the winds is the one that takes you to the Boniface mouths, to go up Corsica from the west side, and come back from the Tyrrhenian side turning Capo Corso. From Castiglioncello you can reach south east Corsica with a nice navigation arriving in Portovecchio or even further south, landing in the marvellous environment of Santa Manza and Rondinara. From here for few days you could sail between the islands of Boniface mouths: Lavezzi, Cavallo, Budelli, Maddalena. You would reach then the bays of Costa Smeralda and visit as a must Bonifacio with its fabulous white slopes and its harbour, resembling a northern fjord. Going up the west coast of Corsica you will enjoy good winds for sailing and also beautiful landscapes and many bays all the way. Unmissable are Campo Moro, Porto, la Girolata, Calvi, the bays of Désért des Agriates and Nonza.


From Rom airport  Distance 220 km, Pisa 130 km, Milano -350 km, Florence 180 km, Siena 100 km
Railway stations -distance Follonica km 15, Grosseto km 45


The coast of Liguria is protected by a massive mountain chain, which makes the air temperatures stay pleasantly mild in early spring as well as in late autumn. The average temperatures in May are 21 degrees Celsius, and in October still 20 degrees Celsius. In the summer months weak winds of 4 Bft at the most prevail. In the western part they blow from the south-west or from the south direction, in the eastern part from the north-west or from the west. During the night as well as in the early morning slight north winds blow from the coast. Low pressure areas often stay longer in the Gulf of Genua. The air pressure decreases steadily, as they pass through. The Libeccio, which blows from the south-west or from the west, can be quite treacherous - reaching 5 -8- Bft it can stay from one to even four days. Tramontana, the cold wind from north or north-west direction, arises in autumn and winter and can reach the intensity of light storm. The mountains ranges of Corsica cause jet effects and squalls. Sailing around the cape, you should expect sudden changes of wind conditions. There are a lot of shallows in the Straits of Bonifacio and Maddalena Archipelago as well as in Les Moines and the reefs of Olmeto in the south-west of Corsica. Tidal currents can be neglected. If the wind is strong, a current of about 3 knots occurs in the Straits of Bonifacio.

We can offer the follow boats below for charter in this area. Mostly Saturday to Saturday

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Oceanis 35.1 Oceanis 35.1
2018 | 8 pers. | 10.45 m | 0 toilets
offers from 1520 EUR
Oceanis 38 (3Cab) Oceanis 38 (3Cab)
2017 | 6 pers. | 11.5 m | 1 toilets
offers from 1815 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 51 (5Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 51 (5Cab)
2017 | 10 pers. | 15.57 m | 3 toilets
offers from 3020 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 37 (3Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 37 (3Cab)
2016 | 6 pers. | 11.3 m | 1 toilets
offers from 1835 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 41 (3Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 41 (3Cab)
2016 | 6 pers. | 12.35 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1890 EUR
Oceanis 41 (3Cab) Oceanis 41 (3Cab)
2013 | 6 pers. | 12.38 m | 2 toilets
Very Good 4.54 / 5 = "Very Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 1650 EUR
Oceanis 50 Family (5Cab) Oceanis 50 Family (5Cab)
2012 | 10 pers. | 15.42 m | 3 toilets
offers from 2660 EUR
Oceanis 46 (4Cab) Oceanis 46 (4Cab)
2010 | 10 pers. | 14.09 m | 2 toilets
offers from 2277 EUR
Oceanis 43 (4Cab) Oceanis 43 (4Cab)
2009 | 8 pers. | 13.1 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1840 EUR
Sun Odyssey 45 (4Cab) Sun Odyssey 45 (4Cab)
2008 | 10 pers. | 13.72 m | 2 toilets
offers from 2133 EUR
Sun Odyssey 35 (3Cab) Sun Odyssey 35 (3Cab)
2004 | 8 pers. | 10.75 m | 1 toilets
offers from 1187 EUR
Bavaria 44 (4Cab) Bavaria 44 (4Cab)
2003 | 9 pers. | 13.4 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1660 EUR
Oceanis 411 (4Cab) Oceanis 411 (4Cab)
2001 | 10 pers. | 12.71 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1503 EUR
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