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La Spezia

La Spezia, the provincial capital of this part of Liguria, owes most of its development to the 1860s, when the Naval Arsenal was built here. It is still a heavily naval town, although its proximity to such beautiful tourist destinations as the Cinque Terre, and its mild climate have given it some appeal to holidaymakers. The town centre is pleasant; and although it's not a striking tourist destination in itself, La Spezia is well-connected by transport and makes a good, affordable base for exploring this part of the Italian Riviera. The town spreads across the inside of the Golfo dei Poeti, the Gulf of Poets. The town also has lovely views inland, towards the Apuan Alps.


Weather Italy

The climate varies from north to south and between the islands. The north can have cold winters, while the south can be extremely hot in summer. Generally the coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry along the coast. The prevailing winds of summer are NW, although in many areas there is a daily pattern combining land and sea breezes.

It is worth noting that there has been a trend, in recent years, for the Ligurian Sea (north of the island of Corsica) to experience severe storms in late autumn. In common with other areas of the Mediterranean, damaging seas can build up very quickly (in as little as two hours!) when there are winds over force 7.

There are continuous (computerised voice) forcasts on VHF channel 68. These are first given in Italian, followed by an English transaltion. The forcast covers the next 12 hours wind direction and strength and also the sea state.


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