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For the most luxurious and relaxing Boat Charter cruise Boatcharter-online offer you a nice holiday in Nettuno. New model Yacht today Boat Charter from Nettuno is very popular. We work together with our local Boat Charter partners, we will offer you the best yacht for charter from Nettuno or create for you a cruising route with visiting this location. You can get detailed information about Boat Charter in Nettuno and all available yachts through our quick search tool. Chose destination for example the Nettuno and for more information or an inquiry per e-mail, phone or fax.


Features Nettunowhich recall the past and infrastructures that, instead, put off to the future. A mix of sensations that, splendidly wedded, now run after the classic myths and now after the modernity of the city. These are the main basic of attractions that have promoted Neptune as one of the Latium coast. Easily reachable from Rome within one hour either by train or by car; extremely beautiful and surrounded by the ancient and impressive Medieval Village, the "Marina" of Neptune is characterised by style and efficiency : technical assistance, services and modern structures thought to satisfy the most demanding clients both Italians and Internationals. Born in 1986, the functionality harboured has won in very few years the title of real protagonist in being one of the most important tourist harbour of Middle Italy. Today as yesterday the "Marina" is always up to date, ready to accept challenges which come from the sea. Since 1987 the Foundation for Environmental in Europe and the EC Environmental Department have given their approval on the "Marina" of Neptune's services and appointed it with the "European Blue Flag".

We can offer the follow boats below for charter. Mostly saturday to saturday

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Sun Odyssey 349 (3Cab) Sun Odyssey 349 (3Cab)
2018 | 6 pers. | 10.34 m | 1 toilets
offers from 0 EUR
Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab) Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab)
2017 | 8 pers. | 13.76 m | 2 toilets
offers from 3000 EUR
Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab) Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab)
2017 | 8 pers. | 13.76 m | 2 toilets
offers from 0 EUR
Lagoon 400-S2 (4Cab) Lagoon 400-S2 (4Cab)
2016 | 10 pers. | 11.97 m | 2 toilets
offers from 3750 EUR
Elan 410 (3Cab) Elan 410 (3Cab)
2012 | 6 pers. | 12.27 m | 1 toilets
Very Good 4.53 / 5 = "Very Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 2220 EUR
Dufour 445 Grand Large (4Cab) Dufour 445 Grand Large (4Cab)
2012 | 8 pers. | 13.5 m | 2 toilets
Very Good 4.67 / 5 = "Very Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 2920 EUR
Oceanis 40 (3Cab) Oceanis 40 (3Cab)
2009 | 6 pers. | 12.17 m | 1 toilets
offers from 2120 EUR
Sun Odyssey 42i (3Cab) Sun Odyssey 42i (3Cab)
2008 | 6 pers. | 12.85 m | 2 toilets
offers from 2220 EUR
Sun Odyssey 45 (4Cab) Sun Odyssey 45 (4Cab)
2008 | 8 pers. | 13.72 m | 2 toilets
offers from 2720 EUR
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