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For Boat Charter we cane offering a range of yachts from Porto San Rocco (Triest). You can get more information about the yachts available for Boat Charter from Porto San Rocco (Triest) through our quick yacht search window, situated on the left side of this website. The port in Porto San Rocco (Triest) is already pre-selected for you and you just have to specify the number of persons and your desired Boat Charter date.

Porto San Rocco

In the town of Muggia, in the Gulf of Triest, where the Mediterranean ends and starts to penetrate into Europe, where the dry climate makes the city limpid and the air transparent, this is where Porto San Rocco is located. It is not only an ideal landing place for yachting, for setting off on a cruise along the Istrian and Dalmatian coast, but also for going on relaxing daily trips.
A unique marina in the Northern Adriatic with deep water, 525 moorings for boats up to 60 metres long, fixed places in the quay for larger boats, and floating wharves for boats smaller than 15 m, exceptional facilities and welcoming atmosphere.

But Porto San Rocco is not only for boating enthusiasts; the whole Gulf can be discovered from this point starting with Triest, its historical caf├ęs, the castle of Miramare, its theatres and museums. And for those who love nature, Val Rosandra is only a few minutes drive, or the Karst plateau for a trek, and in just half an hour by car from Porto San Rocco, is the Terrano road, named after the local unmatchable red wine that is combined with the local cuisine.


The climate varies from north to south and between the islands. The north can have cold winters, while the south can be extremely hot in summer. Generally the coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry along the coast. The prevailing winds of summer are NW, although in many areas there is a daily pattern combining land and sea breezes.

It is worth noting that there has been a trend, in recent years, for the Ligurian Sea (north of the island of Corsica) to experience severe storms in late autumn. In common with other areas of the Mediterranean, damaging seas can build up very quickly (in as little as two hours!) when there are winds over force 7.

There are continuous (computerised voice) forcasts on VHF channel 68. These are first given in Italian, followed by an English transaltion. The forcast covers the next 12 hours wind direction and strength and also the sea state.

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