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For Boat Charter we cane offering a range of yachts from Sardinia / Carloforte. You can get more information about the yachts available for Boat Charter from Sardinia / Carloforte through our quick yacht search window, situated on the left side of this website. The port in Sardinia / Carloforte is already pre-selected for you and you just have to specify the number of persons and your desired Boat Charter date.


Carloforte (O PĂ ize in Ligurian) is a fishing and resort town of located on Isola di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Island), approximately 7 km off the South Western Coast of Sardinia, Italy.


A good day out on the water with the sound of rippling sails induces feelings of freedom and adventure in a wide open space. Although Sardinia’s coastline is an extraordinary sailing destination with hundreds of secluded coves, picture-book beaches and dramatic rock formations, it remains surprisingly anonymous. Sardinia’s particular pull for sailors is its coastline’s diversity; the dunes of the Costa Verde, from the Costa Smeralda to the cliffs of Cala Gonone, from Cala Luna to Cagliari, from Cagliari to San Giovanni di Sinis and from Capu Mannu to Castelsardo, no stretch is the same as the next.

The fact that the wind conditions around Porto Pollo in northern Sardinia are the most constant means that most sailors are to be found on the Costa Smeralda. There are two winds here which ensure the perfect conditions for dynamic sailing; the Sahara wind Chirocco and the Maestrale, which blows down from the North. The Maestrale mostly blows along the west coast, a very powerful W to NW wind; while a S to SE wind prevails on the east coast.  If you take on any sailing foray in Sardinia’s waters you should either be a very competent sailor yourself or take an experienced skipper with you. It is also very important to familiarize yourself with the area’s nautical literature and navigational requirements.

Sardinia’s marina
s are an excellent infrastructure circling the island with a 30 sea mile gap between each establishment.


The climate varies from north to south and between the islands. The north can have cold winters, while the south can be extremely hot in summer. Generally the coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry along the coast. The prevailing winds of summer are NW, although in many areas there is a daily pattern combining land and sea breezes.

There are continuous (computerised voice) forcasts on VHF channel 68. These are first given in Italian, followed by an English transaltion. The forcast covers the next 12 hours wind direction and strength and also the sea state.

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We can offer the follow boats below for charter. Mostly saturday to saturday

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Oceanis 38 (3Cab) Oceanis 38 (3Cab)
2017 | 6 pers. | 11.5 m | 1 toilets
offers from 2100 EUR
Oceanis 48 (5Cab) Oceanis 48 (5Cab)
2017 | 10 pers. | 14.6 m | 3 toilets
offers from 3475 EUR
Oceanis 45 (4Cab) Oceanis 45 (4Cab)
2016 | 8 pers. | 13.85 m | 2 toilets
offers from 3475 EUR
Oceanis 34 (3Cab) Oceanis 34 (3Cab)
2013 | 6 pers. | 10.34 m | 1 toilets
offers from 1950 EUR
Comet 52 RS (3Cab) Comet 52 RS (3Cab)
2010 | 7 pers. | 15.9 m | 2 toilets
offers from 3050 EUR
Salona 37 (2Cab) Salona 37 (2Cab)
2008 | 4 pers. | 11.29 m | 1 toilets
offers from 1605 EUR
Oceanis 323 (2Cab) Oceanis 323 (2Cab)
2005 | 4 pers. | 9.75 m | 1 toilets
offers from 1695 EUR
Oceanis 393 (3Cab) Oceanis 393 (3Cab)
2003 | 6 pers. | 11.95 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1865 EUR
Oceanis 411 (4Cab) Oceanis 411 (4Cab)
2003 | 10 pers. | 12.71 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1885 EUR
Oceanis 411 (4Cab) Oceanis 411 (4Cab)
2003 | 8 pers. | 12.71 m | 2 toilets
offers from 1885 EUR
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