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For the most luxurious and relaxing Boat Charter cruise Boatcharter-online offer you a nice holiday in Sardinia / La Maddalena. New model Yacht today Boat Charter from Sardinia / La Maddalena is very popular. We work together with our local Boat Charter partners, we will offer you the best yacht for charter from Sardinia / La Maddalena or create for you a cruising route with visiting this location. You can get detailed information about Boat Charter in Sardinia / La Maddalena and all available yachts through our quick search tool. Chose destination for example the Sardinia / La Maddalena and for more information or an inquiry per e-mail, phone or fax.

La Maddalena

La Maddalena island is the only habited  island of the archipelago consisting in 7 large islands and about 20 islets on the Noth-East coast of Sardinia, in the strait of Bonifacio. (nautic card)

The archipelago extendes for about 200 km (110 miles) of coast, with many well shelterd small beaches of white sand, such as "Cala Corsara" on the island of Spargi and the famous in the world "Pink Beach" on the island of Budelli.

The mediterranean maquis dominated the scenery, as well the granite sculptured by the wind. Sring showa all is splendorin the local flora with numerous rares species, typical of the islands in the straits. Now La Maddalena   archipelago is a national park.

The archipelago of La Maddalena have a population of 12.000 civil peoples but they are too about 4000 militares people because in La Maddalena living about 2.000 employes of the U.S.A. Navy. In Santo S. Stefano island  in fact they are a big arbour for atomic submarines of the U.S.A. Navy.    Other 2.000 peoples are employes of the Italian Navy.

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