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Our superb charter yacht in Malta range consists a great selection of modern, spacious and comfortable Boat Charter yachts, each with their own unique designs and features. Malta is one of the most popular Boat Charter locations. Shortly, you will find here detailed information about Malta, its particular features and character. Please ask us for additional information on Boat Charter in Malta by phone, email or send us your inquiry.


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Valletta is the capital of Malta. As capital cities go it is relatively modern, being built after the "Great Siege of Malta by the Ottoman Turks in 1565".
Valletta is a fortified town, and are supposedly the best and most powerful old fortifications in the world
The fortifications were started in 1566 by Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette, 3 years later the fortifications were almost complete before the building of the city itself. Valletta was built using a grid layout


Malta consists of seven islands in the Mediterranean. Only the three largest islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, are inhabited. The terrain is low and rocky with many cliffs.

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is a melting pot of different civilizations. Its history stretches back thousands of years. Malta has been inhabited since 5200 BC. And there was a significant prehistoric culture before the Phoenicians arrived to the main island and named it Malate, which means "safe harbor". The islands were for centuries the seat of the Knights of St John, and then became part of the British Empire. Malta became independent in 1964.

The Maltese government is headed by leader of the party which has majority in the House of Representatives, Parliament's single chamber, which in Maltese is called Comrade tar Rappre┼╝entanti.

The national language is Maltese, which, like Arabic belongs to the Semitic family of languages. English is also an official language and many Maltese also speak Italian.

Tourism is important in Malta, and the service sector expands.

To the traditional Maltese dishes include the soups (minestrone and fish soup), pasta and pies. Stuffat Speech Fenek (rabbit stew) is a national dish.


Sailing conditions.

Malta have an ideal climate throughout the year, a lovely breeze and a glass-clear sea, because of the constant fresh water currents from the Strait of Gibraltar makes sailing, sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling very popular.
You sail around the coast (which extends around Malta 140 km and 43 km round Gozo)'re small, picturesque ports and their villages and fishing villages, sheltered bays with wonderful swimming, sandy beaches and rocky caves both above and below the surface.


Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate. That is hot and dry in summer, with plenty of sunshine, while winters are mild with occasional showers. From May to October is the league average temperature of around 32 ° C/90 ° F and 10-11 hours of sunlight per day. Between November and April the temperature is around 14 ° C/57 ° F and an average of 5-6 hours of sun a day. You can swim in the sea all year round because the sea temperature rarely drops below 15 ° C and can sometimes reach as high as 26 ° C/79F.

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Oceanis 48 (4Cab) Oceanis 48 (4Cab)
2016 | 8 pers. | 14.6 m | 4 toilets
Very Good 5 / 5 = "Very Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 4065 EUR
Sun Odyssey 509 (5Cab) Sun Odyssey 509 (5Cab)
2013 | 10 pers. | 15.38 m | 3 toilets
Very Good 4.94 / 5 = "Very Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 4065 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 45 (4Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 45 (4Cab)
2010 | 8 pers. | 14.27 m | 2 toilets
offers from 2925 EUR
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 (5Cab) Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 (5Cab)
2009 | 10 pers. | 15.62 m | 3 toilets
offers from 3638 EUR
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