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Although they are situated close to Turkey and despite the fact, that they had been under Turkish rule for over 400 years, the twelve islands of Dodecanese are typically Greek. The name of this group of islands "Dodecanese” comes from the Greek word "Dodeka", which stands for the number 12, since the Dodecanese includes 12 islands: Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Patmos, Tilos, Simi, Leros, Astypalaia, Nisyros, Kasos and Khalki. Kos is the centre of the yachting area of the Dodecanese. It offers ideal conditions for any fastidious charter crew. The Kos Island Marina was rebuilt some few years ago and can be considered as the most modern and the best maintained marina in Greece. Bareboat and crewed boat charter yachts can be chartered with the yacht charter provider ISTION SAILING HOLIDAYS.

Each year in the first week of October the "Dodecanese Cup", an international sailing regatta, takes place in Kos. Kos is one of the most fertile islands of the Dodecanese and it has the best tourism infrastructure. Other famous yacht charter providers as NOMICOS and SEAFARER offer charters from Rhodes or Samos. The harbours Rhodes and Samos are situated accordingly in the southernmost and in the northernmost point of this charter area and are especially good as one-way ports for check-in and check-out. The island Simi is a must for each sailor on the way from Kos to the south. Its much-indented coast with the capital Simi, which lies around it, opens a unique view, when approaching. Rhodes is the biggest island of the Dodecanese. Once here stood the famous Colossus of Rhodes, which measured 35 meters from the bottom to the top and was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The capital, also called Rhodes, occupies the north-east tip of the island. The port lies directly in front of the famous old town. Only a few steps from board separate one from being immersed into the flow of tangled small streets.

Traveling in the Dodecanese one has a choice between stillness and solitude on the one hand and total tourist boom on the other hand. Often these contrasts can be found only a few sea miles away from each other. A mix of European and oriental culture can be observed everywhere in this area. Worth recommending are also excursions to Turkish coasts, such as Kusadasi, Ephesus, Bodrum and the beautiful Gokova Bay, the Cape Knidos, the sleepy Bozzukale, Orhaniye or Marmaris, which is the absolute sailors’ “Mekka” of the eastern Mediterranean.

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