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There are a huge number of interesting, picturesque islands along the Bohuslän coast. Many feature an excellent selection of seafood restaurants, not to mention fine swimming and unique plant and animal life.
Each island has its own special character and the list below only includes a fraction of all the islands that are worth a visit. During the high season in July and early August some islands have inter-island ferry services, but more commonly they are accessed by regular ferry traffic from the mainland, and some of the larger islands by bridges.

The magnetic attraction of Marstrand is really completely understandable. Where else can one find such a location? With such a wealth of bathing, beautiful houses, an impressive fortress, cafes and restaurants, regattas and entertainment, it's easy to understand why people flock here. Just as they have for centuries.

Malstrand, Masstrandir, Måsestrand. Marstrand has had many names throughout its long history. This is perhaps not so surprising since the town was founded as long ago as the 13th century by a Norwegian king, and has also been under Danish hegemony.

One thing is certain: Marstrand boasts an exciting and lively history, filled with a sprinkling of riches, depraved living and celebrities. Its history can also tell tales of poverty, criminality and other misery.

The archipelago is a paradise for boaters who come from all around Northern Europe throughout the summer season. For the boatless there are many attractive options for everything from day excursions to longer cruises and island hopping. Here you will find thousands of islands up to the norwegian border.
It's a beautiful archipelago, close to the mainland, a lot of rocks, few trees - the opposite from the Stockholm archipelago, and a lot of charming old fishing villages with wooden houses in different colors. You take E6 north and the first stop I recommend is the island of Marstrand, west of Kungälv. There is a parking on Koön and only 5 minutes by ferry. You can also reach the island in 50 minutes by bus from Gothenburg. Nice little town - no cars - some hotels, places to eat (great cakes at Bergs café!), an interesting fortress at the top of the island and then rocks and rocks. In the beginning of July there is a big sailing competition = too crowded.

One of the most famous places long the coast is the little town of Smögen with its long wooden jetty with bar, restaurants, shops and fishing "houses" in different colors. Don't miss to buy fresh shrimps and it them on the spot! Just behind the houses you can walk out on the rocks or take a boat to the little island of Hållö: bring something to eat and lay down on the rocks and relax! Passing Bovallstrand and Hamburgsund you will come to Fjällbacka, famous for being the place where our famous actress Ingrid Bergman had her Summer house. You have a nice view from the top of a big rock. Close to Grebbestad it's not far to go to Tanumshede in the inland, where it's amazing to discover the rock carvings, on the list of Unesco.

At the very north we have the town of Strömstad from where you can visit  the islands Koster: interesting nature (rent a bike a go roung) and there are also possbilities to go on a seal safari.

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