Boat Charter Yalikavak / Bodrum Peninsula

For Boat Charter we cane offering a range of yachts from Yalikavak / Bodrum Peninsula. You can get more information about the yachts available for Boat Charter from Yalikavak / Bodrum Peninsula through our quick yacht search window, situated on the left side of this website. The port in Yalikavak / Bodrum Peninsula is already pre-selected for you and you just have to specify the number of persons and your desired Boat Charter date.

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Yalikavak / Bodrum Peninsula

The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula suits holiday makers interested in a subdued and relaxing atmosphere. Enchanting villages, with guest-houses and small hotels on quiet bays, dot the peninsula.

An impressive medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes guards the entrance to the dazzling blue bay of Bodrum, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas meet. This charming town attracts a diverse population of vacationers who stroll along its long, palm-lined waterfront, while elegant yachts crowd the marina.

Not far from town, you can swim in absolutely clear, tideless, warm seas. Underwater divers, especially, will want to explore the numerous reefs, caves and majestic rock formations. The waters offer up multicolored sponges of all shapes and sizes, and an immense variety of other aquatic life, including octopus.

The reputation of Bodrum's boat yards dates back to ancient times. Today, craftsmen still build traditional boats: the tirhandil with a pointed bow and stern, and the gulette with a broad beam and rounded stern. The latter are especially used for excursions and pleasure trips, and in the annual October Bodrum Cup Race.


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The Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have very hot and dry summers, and wet, mild winters when the coastal towns more or less shut down between October and April. In the summer months, the winds in the Sea of Marmaris and the Aegean are predominately from the north and west. For dayly weather forecast on your sailtour look at Weather forecasts


Low season : from November to April
High season : from July to August
Medium season : May, June & October

We can offer the follow boats below for charter in this eara. Mostly from saturday to saturday. More information for Turkley you will find in the map Turkey in destinations.

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