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Crystal clear water, numerous islands, bays and beaches. Mediterra's vegetation, marinas, fishing ports and medieval cities - bear witness to the Venetian influence. Mainland coast is over 178 mil long. With the islands' coasts have access to 402 mil long coastline. The area is very popular for water sports, with a marine infrastructure that attracts a huge selection for all desires.

It was in the former Yugoslavia as the Swedes began to sail charter. Some bought their own boat and put it in the Adriatic Sea. It was perfect sailing waters. Unfortunately, then came the war in late 1980 and the boat-Semitism became extinct. Greece and Turkey took over a large part of charter tourism. Now that the war is over and Yugoslavia shared, so they naturally want to take back the tourists to all the islands. It published fine lavish brochures, charts, showing up at boat shows and shows that it is prepared to accept the boat people. Croatia now has the longest coast lines of the new countries.

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The Croatian coast has a Mediterranean climate, bringing it on average 2.600 hours of sunshine per year. During the summer, the average seawater temperature can be 24 – 27 degrees Celsius. There is a large number of sunny days with high temperatures. Usually, maestral winds, low humidity and cool nights keep it bearable.

Sailing early or late in the season (May or September), you should take into account that darkness comes quickly and early. All year round, twilight is virtually non-existent. During those times, the temperature drops rapidly. Along the coast, spring and autumn are mild, and winter is short.

Average monthly temperatures are:

January 7°C, February 8°C, March 12°C, April 17°C, May 21°C, June 25°C, July 28°C, August 27°C, September 24°C, October 18°C, November 13°C, December 9°C

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